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Mind Over Melanin Podcast

Jun 19, 2019


Today I am bringing you the history of Juneteenth and the PODINLIVENYC episode lead by Tea with Queen and J. Big thanks to these awesome women for always throwing the best parties and creating spaces for black people to celebrate!

Below are the time markers for the event, Each featured podcast was interviewed so take the time to see if there are new podcasts that you may want to add to your list (I'm at 01:26).


00:15:50 Q&J

00:25 Funny Julius

00:31 What’s This Pod About Again

00:40 Dainty Thug

00:48Inner Hoe Uprising

01:04 Bag Ladiez

01:11 Marsha’s Plate

01:26 Mind Over Melanin

01:37 Grizzly Kiki

01:53The Shade Parade

02:05 Run The Tape

02:15 Reek

02:20 PJ Ryan

02:31Queer WOC

02:38 Brunch & Budget Podcast

2:45 A Little JuJu Podcast

2:55 A-King & Brother Christopher



Pay Black Women